Event Summary

For this wine maker dinner we took four Ramey Cellar Wines from our cellar, including David Ramey’s 2002 Claret, and matched them with selected dishes prepared by the wonderful French chef, Lionel Balbastre, at the French Club in San Francisco. David Ramey volunteered to join us which made the evening event both more educational, enjoyable and special.

CVWS Wine Selection

2013 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvée Champagne
2015 Trois Noix Sauvignon Blanc
2010 Ramey Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay
2010 Ramey Hudson Vineyard Chardonnay
2002 Ramey Claret
2007 Ramey Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

"Nice balance of “infotainment” and you all just enjoying each other’s company, the food, the wine.  We could do this again in two years, with current vintages."

- David Ramey, Winemaker

"I thought the table setting was magnificent with all the glasses beautifully lined up and the candelabra in the middle, I loved the champagne and hors d’euvres (in particular the quails eggs), it was a treat to chat with David Ramey and hear him speak at dinner about his wines which were so good, especially the claret."

- Alexandra Owen, Guest

"What an elegant setting with that long table,  hundreds of wine glasses, candelabra, chandeliers and the reflections of many happy faces engaged in lively conversations over fine Ramey wines and a great dinner!"

- Don Kieselhorst, Member